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"This astrology reading was truly everything I needed right now. Spot on!!"

Cleveland, OH

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Customer Name: Testimonials


Customer Name: Testimonials

Dear Tracie, 

I'm so impressed with the chart reading you did for me, it was amazingly helpful and accurate on so many levels. Touching on some topics that really do appear in my life such as abandoned by my dad as a little child and giving to people blindly.

So thank you for confirming this, you really are accurate.

 I fully have laid this reading into the hands of fate & now have delivered me a divine piece of knowledge, here from you my dear Tracie. So personal & in-depth & super accurate.

Kindest regards, 

Love & light


Victoria, Australia

Tracie, you have absolutely changed my life. This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever received. I could never thank you enough for taking the time to confirm who I am meant to be, and how I don't have to be afraid. I am speechless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

So much love - Bailey

Boise, Idaho

Hi Tracie, 

I was just going over my reading again yesterday to help me prepare for my 11.11 manifestations. I have to say, that reading was life changing and listening to it was one of the most profound moments of clarity I have ever experienced. I am so grateful.

Thanks again!


Ashley P

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